Have you reached a level of success but can’t seem to grow beyond it?
Do your most important goals keep getting put on the back burner?
Achieve your dreams and goals with one-on-one
High-Impact Business Coaching
Do your leaders have what it takes to guide your organization into the future?
Do they have underutilized strengths or derailing weaknesses that are negatively impacting your bottom line?
Ensure your organization’s success with proven
Leadership Development strategies
Are you looking for a passionate, dynamic speaker who will energize your group or organization and move them to action?
Inspire your audience with high energy
Motivational Speaking
KathyLight Consulting offers customized, action-oriented business coaching, executive coaching, consulting, motivational speaking and training to help individuals and organizations:
  • Discover and leverage their strengths,
  • Stay on track,
  • Drive results, and
  • Achieve their vision.

We are expert at digging deep to understand your current reality, collaborating with you to discover the best solutions to your challenges, delivering direct and action-oriented feedback, and following up to ensure accountability.

I’ve been using Kathy Light consistently for more than five years to provide monthly coaching to the sales leaders in my organization, and it’s been well worth the investment. My leadership team’s overall skills in the areas of time management, follow-up, communication and conflict management have been greatly enhanced. I would highly recommend her to other executives who are looking to develop and retain top talent. – Bruce Bordelon, Group Vice President, Fortune 300 sales organization

I hired Kathy Light four years ago for business and leadership coaching. I am consistently challenged by her thought-provoking insights and the questions that force me to take a hard look at where I am now, where I want to be, and the steps I need to take to get there. My business has grown significantly since we’ve begun working together, as has my team. Through her coaching, I am much better prepared to meet the challenges, and feel I am truly increasing my effectiveness as a CEO. In addition to serving as my coach, Kathy periodically facilitates training and business planning sessions with my team. Her facilitation skills are among the best I’ve seen in my 20+ years in business. In short, she is an invaluable resource, and I would highly recommend her to any leader looking to grow to maximum potential.
– Mark E. Woody, CFP – CEO, Mark E. Woody and Associates
When I hired Kathy, I was looking for the next big challenge, and I was also seeking more balance in all the areas of my life that I valued. I had experienced success in my life, but knew I wasn’t reaching my full potential. Through my work with Kathy, I have seen very positive results in both my business life and my personal life. My relationships have grown tremendously, and my business has successfully weathered the challenge of a sudden 50% decrease in revenue. Kathy worked with me and my team to envision and create a start-up company that is already on track to not only replace but exceed the lost revenue within twelve months. Kathy Light is a true business partner who guides me to think through what’s most important in every area of my life, and quickly get to a place where I can make decisions and take actions that are consistent with my values and my vision. I highly recommend her to any business owner looking to reach their full potential.
- Marshall Felker – Owner, Synergy Consulting
Kathy’s advice and coaching have helped me completely change the way I lead my team. We are pacing a 35% revenue increase over last year, and the team is working together much more effectively. Kathy’s coaching helps me tie together all the various training and consulting programs I am a part of, take full advantage of those resources, and stay accountable to all of my goals in both my business life and personal life. I highly recommend her services to any business leader who wants to achieve maximum growth.
- Guy Church, CFP and business owner
In working with KathyLight Consulting, my personal practice compared to the prior year has experienced a 75% increase in new clients, a 53% increase in revenues from fees and a 33% increase in total new business revenues. Kathy listens to my challenges, gets me to think about solutions and helps me identify priorities that will move my business forward. – Jim Lehman, Senior Financial Advisor

Click image below for a video clip from Kathy Light’s presentation “Live Your Values, Live Your Dreams”

on the Reaping Professional Success webinar series. Guests also included Dan Ariely, best selling author of Predictably Irrational


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