Success Stories

Leadership Development Success Stories

Limited One-to-One Leadership Coaching Available from V.P.

PROBLEM: A highly successful group vice president responsible for numerous offices needed help objectively evaluating and developing the skills of his leaders at each site.

SOLUTION: KathyLight Consulting assessed the skill levels of core leaders and then conducted long-term, one-to-one coaching for each individual to leverage his/her strengths and enhance developmental opportunities. Progress updates and suggestions for additional development were provided to the group vice president on an ongoing basis.

RESULTS: Most leaders developed significantly in their roles, and several were promoted to higher levels in the organization. The group vice president received insights into leadership issues within his team, which enhanced his overall ability to successfully lead the group.

Training Inconsistencies

PROBLEM: A premier sales organization had highly knowledgeable trainers and solid training content, but no method for replicating training across multiple locations. As a result, trainees throughout the region were receiving inconsistent and dissimilar information.

SOLUTION: KathyLight Consulting evaluated existing training outlines and materials, and interviewed key leaders and facilitators. We then worked with the client to define training topics and core objectives. Finally, we created a comprehensive, universal training manual and trained all facilitators to consistently deliver the objectives and outlines as defined in the manual.

RESULTS: Training effectiveness has improved significantly. Programs focusing on product knowledge, sales skills and technology are now delivered consistently across multiple sites and content changes are implemented with ease. As a result, trainees throughout the organization are able to provide a higher quality and more consistent service experience for customers.

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