The Coaching Process

The KathyLight Consulting Coaching Process

While many elements of coaching are similar with each client, our approach is tailored to your unique needs and circumstances, and emphasizes “meeting you where you are.” The coaching process, although structured, is fluid and flexible and designed to quickly get to the core of what is most important to you.

Step 1: Discovery and Assessment
To achieve any kind of significant growth, you must first identify current reality. We accomplish this discovery through informal assessment, including asking you to answer a series of questions about your values, vision, strengths, passions and goals. (In some cases, we may also recommend a more formalized assessment instrument to supplement the discovery process). Your first session is a Foundation/Discovery meeting where we dig deep to clarify and understand your answers.

Step 2: Visioning and Goal Setting
Through the Foundation/Discovery meeting, we begin to identify and articulate the vision you have for your personal and professional life. We then clarify and prioritize goals in all areas of your life to help you achieve your vision. Goal setting is an ongoing process, and we will regularly review your goals throughout the coaching engagement.

Step 3: Prioritizing and Planning
Planning and prioritizing are critical processes that must happen consistently if you are to achieve your goals and realize your vision. They are key elements of every coaching session, and we will guide you in making them daily and weekly habits.

Step 4: Action
The most important step of all is taking action – that is the only way to achieve your goals. At KathyLight Consulting, it is our highest priority to make certain you take action after each session. Consequently, every coaching session ends with a wrap-up conversation, during which you will identify key action steps. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a personalized, detailed Individual Action Guide that summarizes action steps, highest priorities, and other key areas of focus to keep you on track between sessions.

Step 5: Accountability
Accountability is crucial to gaining momentum toward your goals. In addition to a more formal review of your vision and goals at least twice a year, a portion of every coaching session is dedicated to checking and measuring your progress.

? Kathy Light has taught me how to organize myself, my company and my future. She has an uncanny ability to identify and help me develop my opportunity areas, while at the same time leverage my strengths
– Thomas Colven III, Senior Partner – Colven, Tran and Meredith P.C.

The Coaching Relationship

Most people find that two, one-hour meetings per month is optimal for keeping them on track toward achieving their goals and vision. Unlike many other organizations, we do not require a specific commitment of time or number of coaching sessions from our clients. Instead, the coaching relationship continues only as long as you are receiving value. Many clients have worked with us for several years and continue to gain value in each session.

Coaching Logistics

Most coaching sessions take place by phone. One of Kathy’s key strengths is her ability to quickly earn clients’ trust and respect and to build meaningful relationships with them, enabling the coaching process to be highly effective from the beginning.

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