Executive Coaching

With nearly 15 years experience coaching successful top-level executives, leaders, managers, financial advisors and small business owners, we know what it takes to help you discover your vision and achieve your goals. If you…

  • Want so much out of life that you need help managing and prioritizing it all
  • Are a high achiever who’s lost balance in your life
  • Need a sounding board – an objective person to listen and help you identify issues and determine the action plans that will move your business forward
  • Would benefit from an accountability coach to keep you focused and on track
  • Are looking for an advocate to help you appreciate and leverage your gifts and guide you in overcoming any self-limitations
  • Would like to clarify your vision and goals
  • Are not achieving the level of results you want

…then KathyLight Consulting can help!

Kathy’s coaching has a tangible, positive impact…you will discover and achieve those things that you truly want out of life. As one client commented, “It doesn’t matter whether Kathy is a technical expert in my business. She helps me to work on me, and that’s what I really value.”

Kathy describes her coaching philosophy as one of optimism: “I’ve found that the single biggest source of help I provide for my clients is leading them to see the positive – in their work, in their life circumstances, in their co-workers and staff, and most importantly, in themselves. When we think positively about our lives and the challenges we face, we are able to see other viewpoints more clearly and come to more positive solutions for ourselves and others. I aim to help people feel good about the progress they’re making and stay energized to keep moving toward their goals.”

The KathyLight Consulting Coaching Process works, and our clients have many success stories to prove it!

For the past five years, Kathy has helped me with everything from developing my leaders to working on my own mindset. The two major development areas we focused on during our early work together are now considered my two biggest strengths. She uses positive influence to help me change my behavior and to keep me on track and focused on what’s important.

– Johnny Ng, CFP®, Field Vice President

For a complimentary consultation or to find out how KathyLight Consulting can help you and your organization, contact us at 972-359-0509