Client Testimonials

What clients say about Kathy Light’s executive coaching:

Working with Kathy has been very rewarding both professionally and personally. Our interactions make me more aware of opportunities and help me to crystallize my vision and then align my day-to-day thoughts with that vision. She has become the voice in my head that keeps me focused on the important things in life. With her guidance, I’ve become a better listener and a better advisor to my clients.

– Michael Jones, C.P.A

When I hired Kathy, I was looking for leadership and accountability, and she has exceeded my expectations by far. Kathy is a great listener and gets me to identify solutions that will work for me. She helps me set priorities and follows up to make sure I’ve completed them. She treats me like I’m her only client. She makes me want to work harder for myself and for her, and she truly cares about me.
– Eric Wolfe, CFP, Senior Financial Advisor

Kathy challenges me with new ideas and questions why I made certain decisions. She helps me think through what I could have done differently and what changes I can make going forward. She is very trustworthy and supportive.
– Andy Cooper, CFP®, Group Vice President (responsible for over 500 sales leaders and associates) 
Kathy has been my leadership coach for several years. With a young child, several businesses to run, and a growing team to lead, my life can feel like a roller coaster. With Kathy’s help, I am confident in the direction I am going in my life. I feel much more in control and know I am executing my plan every day. Kathy helps me to balance the best of both worlds – owning a successful business and running it from home so I can have more time with my husband and daughter. Kathy is lovely – she cares very much about others, and it shines through in everything she does. 
– Julia Ritzenthaler Owner, Unique Online Furniture, Inc.

“I cannot underscore strongly enough how much I have benefitted from my coaching experience with Kathy Light. Her ability to help me identify my strengths coupled with her inspiring demeanor kept me motivated and on track in my journey to advance in my profession. Kathy offered encouragement in the areas where I was improving, and at the same time was willing to have the “tough conversations” that made me realize how I can get better. I will always look back at this experience as a pivotal time in my career.”
- Patricia Beatty-Gonzalez, Director of Consumer Health Communication, American Heart Association

“I originally hired Kathy Light because of significant conflicts within my team which I did not feel equipped to manage. Her advice and coaching helped me completely change the way I lead my team. I am no longer avoiding conflicts, but instead I’m seeking them out and resolving them effectively. I am seeing many positive effects of this change in my leadership: my revenues have increased, and my team is communicating better, working together more effectively, and much more focused on the growth of the business. As a growth-oriented business owner, I am involved in a variety of consulting and training programs designed to increase my business results. The coaching I receive from Kathy helps me tie all of these programs together, take full advantage of all of these resources, and stay accountable to all of my goals in both my business life and my personal life.”
- Guy Church, CFP, Senior Financial Advisor

“Kathy has been a wonderful resource to me as I have grown into my manager role. Her wisdom and insight have been invaluable to me. She has provided practical tools for effective communication when interacting with staff and customers, as well as tools for setting goals and timelines. She helped me to identify my strengths as well as opportunities for improvement. She is someone who is easy to talk to, and I find that I continue to draw on the insights and tools provided long after our time together has ended.”
- Gena Welch, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC, CCRN – Manager, Clinical Education – Center for Learning and Development, Texas Health Resources

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