Book Briefs: Monday Morning Leadership for Women by Valerie Sokolosky

Book Number 10 on my Book-a-Week list for 2011: Monday Morning Leadership for Women by Valerie Sokolosky


This is such a delightful and helpful book for female leaders. I’ve read it three times now, and each read brings new insights. Author Valerie Sokolosky  is a seasoned business veteran who, like so many women, had to learn early in her career how to navigate the challenges of leading a successful business along with the challenges of marriage and motherhood. The book shares Valerie’s wisdom in a creative and easy-to-learn way, through a series of conversations between two women: one a mentor, the other, her mentee.


The book’s subject is a woman named Taylor Grant, a young, recently promoted manager who is happily married with two small children. Her recent promotion, at first, seems to be an easy and natural transition, with the team performing extremely well. But suddenly, the economy turns, business slows significantly, and competition gets tougher. Her team no longer responds to her the way they had in the past, and her stress level at work spills over into her home life.


Fortunately for Taylor, she meets a wonderful mentor named Suzanne Chambers, who offers to help the overwhelmed young manager through a series of Monday morning coffee meetings, in which Suzanne shares the wisdom she has learned over the years. From time management, to hiring, to managing change, to achieving balance, Suzanne and Taylor discuss many of the most pressing challenges facing female leaders today.


The book is practical, refreshing and timeless. I recommend it wholeheartedly!


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